The Certificate Course in Sustainable Livelihoods and Food Security Management (CeSL&FSM) is a well thought capacity development programme designed to be facilitated by a team seasoned local and international expertise in the fields of Humanitarian Assistance, livelihoods, food and nutrition security, policy and programming. With this training, participants will appreciate the contemporary approaches to emergency response, livelihoods, food security and hunger. The eight days experiential/interactive and practical training is aimed at equipping the beneficiaries with knowledge of two major issues: Sustainable Livelihoods and Food Security and how the two components play out in addressing hunger. The CeSL&FSM course is one unique thought intervention in Uganda with focused training in the field of food security. Through the training programme, HFU seeks to build capacities for stakeholders (individuals and organizations) working to make a difference in tackling poverty and hunger.

The CeSL&FSM prepares participants to meet the demand for knowledgeable, skilled and well-equipped food security and livelihood managers, and leaders. The multidisciplinary nature of the course and varying participant’s experiences will build strong linkages and yield possible innovations in building sustainable livelihoods and food security in Uganda and the region as a whole. This will foster appropriate nutrition practices and contribute to the realization of a hunger and malnutrition free society.

Target course participants

The CeSL&FSM) training will mainly target people who are willing to put into practice and share what they will have learnt. The course targets Individuals and professionals in the fields of food security, nutrition, health, agriculture, environment, social work, civil service, academia, research, community development, policy, journalism, law, economics, politics, and rural development. These could be people already working or those preparing to work in INGOs, NNGOs, CBOs, government departments, research institutions, media, religious institutions, financial and corporate institutions and other service providers.


Build the capacities of individuals, organizations and communities to fight against hunger and malnutrition through interdisciplinary training and experiential learning. To this end, the program places a strong emphasis on the sharing and transfer of learning experiences from various disciplines and professions and community initiatives. Participants attending the program will gain knowledge and skills to enable them develop Action Plans (APs) for integrating their learning experiences into the field of addressing hunger and poverty through promoting sustainable livelihoods and food security. Therefore, when submitting their application, individuals, organizations and communities should consider how the transfer and application of learning will take place within and beyond the program an issue that will be reflected in their project for change.

Course Duration

The course duration will initially be for 8 Days on full time basis. The participants will therefore, be expected take a minimum 35 hours of intensive training and participation in course activities. The course is designed in such a way that it offers our partners and beneficiaries flexible schedules for those ready and willing to take up the training opportunity. A tailored training can be designed for five (5) Dyas for institutions that are ready to partner with Hunger Fighters Uganda to build the capacity of its staff. The Course Coordinator is available for discussion and design a suiting schedule and package for your organisation.


A certificate in Sustainable Livelihoods and Food Security Management (CeSL&FSM) signed by Hunger Fighters Uganda and the main collaborating partners will be issued to all participants who will have successfully completed the course.

Proposed Course Structure


Applicants for this course must meet the following requirements:
• Have a minimum of Diploma from a recognized academic Institution or its equivalent. Interested persons with “A” Level may also apply however, they must possess at least two years of practical experience while working on livelihoods and food security activities.
• Be an employee of a Civil Society Organisation (CSO)
• Working with any government institution or private sector.
• Working in education institution or student in higher institutions of learning.
• Be self-motivated to engage in fighting hunger.

How to apply

Applications are selected on a competitive basis. The applicant is required to submit:
• A completed application form
• One page motivation statement
• Recent Curriculum Vitae
• Relevant academic documents and certificates.
• Application forms can be downloaded from our website
• Submit only through email:

Target Number of Participants

A maximum number of 24 Vacancies/Slots are available for each of the training period.

Schedule of Training

The CeSL&FSM will have two intakes through out the year. Any other special trainings can be organized for institutions on request and partnership arrangements.

Course Costs

• For each application, one is required to contribute 20,000/= as the application fees (Paid cash with a receipt).
• Course Fees: Facilitation fees: 400,000/= (USD115). This fee is meant to cater for accommodation, facilitators, Meals and Refreshments and course materials only. Note all course fees are to be paid through the bank on Hunger Fighters Uganda accounts.
• Receipt shall be issued by the accountant for every payment made.

Any Questions? Ask!

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