‘Life without inquiry is not worth living for a human being” (Socrates).

(469–399 BC)

Research and Policy Advocacy (RPA) is one of the four programme areas defined in Hunger Fighters Uganda (HFU) Strategic Plan 2020-2024 and the long term Strategic Development Plan dubbed Plan 2030. The plan 2030 was adopted at the 10th Anniversary and envisions the development of HFU in the next decade until year 2030. 

The plan spells out four interdependent pillars.

Pillar 1

Institutional Growth and Governance.

Pillar 2

Sustainable Partnership and Financing.

Pillar 3

Programme Strengthening.

Pillar 5

Research, Innovation and Communication.

The pillar on Research, Innovation and Communication is at the center of success for the rest of the three pillars. Research provides relevant information and facts to other pillars to inform programming, improving strategic planning. According the HFUG 2020/2024 Strategic plan, “research provides an excellent and inclusive understanding of the situation in question since it aims at stimulating and guiding a new wave of policy and evidence that is fully compatible with national policy priorities on overall socio-economic development and have sound empirical base that are compliant and, providing guidance to a broad spectrum of stakeholders through clear articulation of a series of research questions to inform policy advocacy and enhance the delivery of basic services and programmes”.

The Cluster Research project is implemented by teams with an objective of building long term strategy for nurturing expert researchers in and out of HFU and penetrating the rich field of consultancy as put forward in HFU Strategic Objective five which is To engage in evidence-based research to enhance innovative responses and consultancy on hunger related matters”. 

Initially three research teams will be constituted under clusters;

Proposed Cluster Leadership

Hunger History and Food Culture

Focus on Hunger in Uganda from the Colonial era, Culture, Food Taboos.
- Aturinde T Emmanuel (Leader)
- Brenda Alemura
- James Mukwaaya
- Ezera Irankunda

Media, Art and ICT

Focus on Music, Dance and Drama, Photography and Videography, Artistic Murals and all Visual Arts, ICT innovations as Solutions and Infographics.
- Tashobya Walter (Leader)
- Gumisiriza Warren
- Norman Bwenge Olowo
- Jerome Ahumuza

Livelihoods and Food Systems

Focus on Food systems - Urban and Rural linkages and Mapping Uganda's Food Systems.
- Charles Halerimana (Leader)
- Micheal Okello
- Christine Namukasa
- Igune Max
- Tubwangye Samuel

Our applied research is aimed at problem solving and cover the following components.
a) Identification of problems
b) Diagnosis of causes
c) Identification of potential solutions
d) Decision for action
e) Monitoring, evaluation of action and Learning

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