Promoting Food And Education rights of school going children

The importance of eating a complete and balanced meal every day cannot be overstated, especially in regard to student wellness and classroom performance. Children who regularly have meals are generally more healthy and attentive in the classroom. Moreover, studies have shown again and again that students participating in school feeding programs are linked to  numerous benefits including improved nutritional intake, a lower probability of obesity, and a diminshed rate of food insecurity. Students also show improved attendance, behaviour and standard test scores while participating in school feeding programs.

Misyera Primary School is a primary school that was established in 2017 and was named after the local name Misyera A Village of area Mirambiro Parish, Rushasha Sub county, Bukanga County Isingiro District specifically in Nakivale Refugee Settlement. The school’s construction was funded by Educate A Child Initiative supported by UNHCR and Window International Uganda implemented all construction programs.

By 2018, the construction had come to its final completion and school operations commenced on 5th of February 2018 upto date. The school benefits both the Refugees and Host communties which supports Education as per UNCHR mandate.

On Monday 8th April, 2019, Hunger Fighters Uganda together with Misyera Primary School PTA and Management Committee conducted a school seminar but unlike other seminars this became a ground breaking initative for introduction of school feeding in Misyera Primary School.

Hunger Fighters Uganda in partnership with World Food Programme managed by to convinced the parents of Misyera to contribute just a few