Membership History

The founding of HFU in 2008 arose from a shared passion for individuals, households and communities affected by malnutrition and the associated costs. The coming together of a group of Eight (8) Alumni Volunteers of the course on Hunger in the 21st Century became one of the earliest responses to hunger. The touching course was organized by United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) and the Continuing Agricultural Education Centre (CAEC), college of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at Makerere University.

The idea of shared concern, ability and responsibility became a unifying factor in mobilizing other volunteers and stakeholders to be part of this indigenous response to Hunger in Uganda with local, national and global perspective. Since then, the organisation has remained an agency that has stimulated individuals, families, communities and institutions at local and national levels as partners and volunteers, those who have the aspiration and willingness to fight hunger and its associated consequences.

HFU Membership Philosophy

The HFU membership philosophy is a shared feeling of passionate stakeholders working together with mutual support in responding to hunger and malnutrition. It is premised on the recognition that by working together in partnership we shall achieve more in our strategies aimed at realizing the vision of “A hunger and malnutrition free Uganda”.

Food for Life

We value food as the primary instrument in humanity’s effort to fight hunger. We are defenders of the right to food as the first universal inalienable human right.

Respect for Diversity

As a team with diverse disciplines serving diverse communities, we work together as a family to meet the needs of vulnerable people by empowering them to harness their opportunities in order to responds to their challenges.

Partnership for Efficency

Togetherness and our services are dedicated to bringing positive and holistic change to our society.

Transparency and Accountability

We believe and work with openness and accountability to the communities we serve, within our organisation as well as our partners.

Value Neutrality

We serve different communities irrespective of their culture, sex, gender, religion, and nationality with a national and global perspective.

Our membership philosophy is therefore an invitation to each one of us in our various capacities and status, irrespective of our gender, age, color, race, and geographical location to identify with and be part of the solutions to hunger. For the last 7 years now, HFU mission has remained “To eradicate hunger through promoting household food and nutrition security, sustainable agriculture, research, environmental conservation, humanitarian support and behavioral change”.


Members both staff and Non staff


Partners with over 6 entities that include among others the Governement, Civil society Organisation and International NGOs.


Districts in Which HFU has Various Engagements of Ending Hunger